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Regional Web portal government services


ПриемThe information system «Regional Web portal government services» (future – SYSTEM) is aimed at maximizing assist in providing government services for business entities and population of the region. Goal is to increase the efficiency of the executive authorities and local governments in this area. The portal is designed on the platform Microsoft SharePoint 2010

End Users (beneficiaries) of the SYSTEM are individuals and business entities that apply to the executive authorities and local governments for obtaining government services and permitting documents according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

The SYSTEM can be used both for individual center of government services (future – CENTER) and for the whole region or city having districts. Each CENTER working in their own information space, and at the same time the administration at the regional level can track all work centers and have an idea of providing government services in the region. On this principle it is built work in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk region.


The SYSTEM consists of two sites: internal and external. At the internal site the CENTER interact with the subjects of service (executive authorities and local governments). External sites is intended for end users of the system – legal and natural persons applying for government services. External site delivers for all users:

  • information about the CENTERS served by the SYSTEM, including their addresses and schedules,
  • links to the regulations that govern the provision of government services,
  • information on the issuance of government services, including: an exhaustive list of the required documents, the terms of service, grounds for refusal, etc.

After registering on the site user accesses personal “Electronic cabinet”, from which he can:

  • to consult on issues of government services provision;
  • make an appointment by e-queue;
  • to track on-line status document flow in his cases;
  • to request notification of changes in the state of of the case at the email address or mobile phone;
  • to apply for certain government servicesз;
  • to store electronic copies of personal documents, issued administrative regulations and permit documents / failures.


At the internal site occurs workflow between the center and the subjects of government services provision.

  • Administrator of the CENTER accepts documents from the applicant, starts the case, determines the sequence of steps necessary to provide services in accordance with Regulation (technology card).
  • After registration of the case on the portal administrator of the CENTER sends documents on the subject of the provision of services and at the portal there is prompt for review of these documents.
  • Providers of services responding, and at the portal there is information about the given document or reasoned refusal.


There are developing statistical and analytical reporting on all processes that are carried out on the portal in different sections: the centers, the subjects of service, some services, administrators etc.

Project Partners and Customers:

Kyiv City State Administration
Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration
Kharkiv City Council
Lviv Regional State Administration
«Microsoft Ukraine» LLC