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Municipal information system “GRIS-Municipality”

System “GRIS-Municipality” improve the work of the executive body of the local government staff with the aim of increasing of the efficiency of municipal actives management and providing the territorial community with the full and reliable information in the strategic issues of city development.

The system is being implemented consistently, providing current work automation of several divisions of executive body employees, registering the information about available actives (register of the ground areas, register of buildings and constructions, register of vehicles, register of engineering networks) and the subsequent introduction of the spatial analysis of the saved up materials.

The basic functions of the system:

  • Account: contracts of the ground areas rent; contracts of buildings rent, constructions, premises, decisions of local authorities, tenants.
  • The monitoring system on the carrying out specific stages of the conclusion of rent contracts and delivery of the state certificates on the private property right; control of dates of renewal and termination of contracts action; monitoring of money takings from rent; calculation of fine on the rent contracts.
  • Analysis: debts; incomes for the period.
  • Reports: receipts from rent of the ground area, property; rent contracts, period of validity of which comes to an end in 2 months; rent contracts, period of validity of which has ended; debtors; directories; administration.

The geoinformation component of the system includes GIS-tools for creation: spatial address register; the account of the ground areas of the municipal property (in accordance with the data of department of ground resources); the account of real estate of the municipal property.

The spatial analysis of contractual activity: placing of the ground areas leased, on cost zones, conditions of contracts; placing of objects of real estate on conditions of contracts; conditions of payments under contracts of rent of the ground areas and real estate; conditions of contracts of rent (the demands concluded, the restored, delayed, suspended contracts); placing of the ground areas, real estate which it is planned to lease, privatize.