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Geoinformation system effective management of communal property

The system creates a knowledge base of effective management of such an important asset of the territorial community as land, real estate, vehicles. The main components of the system are:

  • Accounting for land at electronic city plan.
  • Analysis and forecasting budget revenues from payment for land.
  • Invertarnyy public property records.
  • Rental of premises.
  • Investment Projects.


  • Accounting for land and property rights to them.
  • Putting land in electronic city map.
  • Providing government services on land issues.
  • Spatial analysis of land relations in electronic plan.
  • Accounting for revenues for land use and land tax.
  • Analysis of the efficiency of land use.

Inventory records of public property

  • Inventory cards of buildings, structures.
  • Register of transport.
  • Accounting for green space.


  • Register premises.
  • Accounting for leases of premises.
  • Analysis of the efficiency of use of premises.
  • Investment Projects.

Maintain electronic city plan

  • The address register.
  • Passports houses, structures.
  • Places of historical and cultural heritage.

The system is built in a modular fashion that is divided into subsystems that can operate independently of each other.

Samples screens of the system

Land on the plan of the city
Analysis of revenues from payment for land
ПропозОр Apartments
Offers rental of premises

Contact Person – Elena Minkovich, +38 (044) 501 4046, em@gris.com.ua