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Regional Web portal government services


ПриемThe information system «Regional Web portal government services» (future – SYSTEM) is aimed at maximizing assist in providing government services for business entities and population of the region. Goal is to increase the efficiency of the executive authorities and local governments in this area. The portal is designed on the platform Microsoft SharePoint 2010

End Users (beneficiaries) of the SYSTEM are individuals and business entities that apply to the executive authorities and local governments for obtaining government services and permitting documents according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

The SYSTEM can be used both for individual center of government services (future – CENTER) and for the whole region or city having districts. Each CENTER working in their own information space, and at the same time the administration at the regional level can track all work centers and have an idea of providing government services in the region. On this principle it is built work in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk region.

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Geoinformation System of Fiber-Optical Network Engineering

Researh-and-Production Company “GRIS” developed a Automation Geoinformation System for telecommunication operators with achievement of essential resource saving aim.

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  1. The information-analytical support of action for the conservation and rational use of natural plant resources in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  2. Simplifying and speeding up workflow between departments that are relevant to the design of permits.

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Web portal of the City Council

The web portal is designed to:

  • information support of the local council of preparation and make decisions;
  • giving deputies a handy tool for dialogue with voters;
  • informing members of the territorial community about the work of the City Council.

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Geoinformation system effective management of communal property

The system creates a knowledge base of effective management of such an important asset of the territorial community as land, real estate, vehicles. The main components of the system are:

  • Accounting for land at electronic city plan.
  • Analysis and forecasting budget revenues from payment for land.
  • Invertarnyy public property records.
  • Rental of premises.
  • Investment Projects.

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Electronic City

“Geoinformation System of Monitoring and Analysis of Information About Inhabitant Rights and Needs Assurance by Local Government” ” project was designed in the frameworks of Strategy “Slavutich – Electronic City” (Slavutich, Kyiv Region, Ukraine). Project is a winner of Ukrainian Competition of Projects and Programs for Local Government’s Development by Ukrainian Presidential Fund of Assistance for Ukrainian Local Government’s Development.

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Municipal information system “GRIS-Municipality”

System “GRIS-Municipality” improve the work of the executive body of the local government staff with the aim of increasing of the efficiency of municipal actives management and providing the territorial community with the full and reliable information in the strategic issues of city development.

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The Trans-regional Network on Early Diagnostics in Educational Desadaptation

Certification Process

A Products Certification Process’ Automation System (“Certification Process” Automation System) – aimed to operate on quality products estimation’s enterprises with functions of conclusion and development of contracts and including documents on all life stages.

The system allows data collecting, filtering and aggregation for better understanding of the contract conclusion process in accordance with different schemes of document processing. Also, the system gives possibility for enterprises statement statistic forming and other users’ utilities.