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Web portal of the City Council

The web portal is designed to:

  • information support of the local council of preparation and make decisions;
  • giving deputies a handy tool for dialogue with voters;
  • informing members of the territorial community about the work of the City Council.

Web portal converted site from information boards on the area of interactive communication to its users, the exchange of information between them. The main objectives of the web portal are:

  • To raise public awareness about the work of the local council to enable MPs to consider the opinion of civil society activists in decision-making.
  • To assist communication between MPs and voters in solving their problems.
  • To create conditions for thorough preparation of deputies to the session of the City Council, to involve discussion of solutions experts and NGO representatives.
  • To give voters a convenient electronic communication tools to influence the work of the local council.
  • To facilitate the work of the Council Secretariat and, at the same time make it more transparent and understandable for deputies and public asset.

Web portal has two sites: internal and external. External site contains information that is traditional to the official sites of the city councils. This – structure of the City Council, plan of work, documents legal nature. A special feature is the willingness to provide portal users maximum information from any of these issues.

When a user logs on to the site it is created personal page , from which it can communicate with the members of the City Council, that not only send their requests, but get answers. Also registered users can participate in the discussion of regulatory acts and draft decisions of the City Council.

At the internal site preparation takes place to City Council session, its users are deputies, staff of the Secretariat council and its executive committee, other entities legislative initiatives.

Each deputy on your personal page has the maximum opportunity to highlight their activities in Council, this information is made ​​available to users at the external site. Personal Page is deputy cabinet where it can:

  • receive appeals from citizens and answer them;
  • discover new topics and participate in the discussion on the forum;
  • familiar with the Secretariat messaging to communicate with other internal portal users via instant messaging;
  • view calendar of events.

How is the preparation for City Council session?

  • Proposals for the agenda shall be made directly to the site. To offer can be attached draft decision, all materials needed Deputies for adoption.
  • Immediately after appearing on the site offer is made available to MPs. They can read it, make comments.
  • Secretary of the Council directs a proposal to the profile deputy committee (at this stage the availability of the draft decision and all necessary materials are mandatory). Chairman or Secretary of the Commission places the message on the site of the meetings of the commission and the issues to be considered. Protocol and conclusions work of the commission are also published on the site.
  • Secretariat of the Council forms the draft agenda for the next session. Once the project is approved Mayor it is published on the external site to discuss municipal community.
  • Decisions after signing the Mayor published on the external site.

Preparation for the council session becomes completely transparent to deputy:

  • It can be read in advance of the agenda issues, exchange ideas with colleagues and knowingly vote at a plenary meeting.
  • The proposal on the agenda may be removed from the site only by its author. If the proposal was not included in the agenda, the deputy available stage at which it has been rejected or postponed to next session.
  • Draft decisions are kept in their original form. You can compare them to decide that published on the external site.

Web portal of the City Council is designed on the platform Microsoft SharePoint 2010 with the support of International Renaissance Foundation within the project «A comprehensive information system public partnership between local governments and the public Slavutych city Kiev region».