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Brief history of the company

Research-and-Production Firm GRIS (“Flexible Realization of the Information Systems”) was founded in Kyiv in 1991 to automate information processes in the sphere of telecommunications. For many years we have had a successfully cooperation with the Kyiv branch of OJSC Ukrtelecom, the fixed-line telephone monopoly. As a result Ukrtelecom, was equipped with a full-featured information and technology system.

In 1998, the company began using GIS technology and developing geographic information systems that allow creating thematic layers on the electronic map, design electronic tools for operations and spatial information analysis. The examples of information technologies in telecommunication’s sphere are:

  • geoinformation system of telecommunication networks analysis and planning the information analytical system of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR);
  • geoinformation system of documentation and management of the fiber-optical networks, which is created for management and technical staff, telecommunication operators.

The main functions of the GIS “Fiber-optical networks”: carrying out technical documentation of the telecommunication networks, objects of the distributed networks structures inventory, multiple-factor spatial analysis, schemes and reports creation.

The important issue of our work is analytical systems creation, such as geoinformation system of epizootic situation in Ukraine monitoring for the Central State laboratory of the veterinary medicine. The main problems, analyzed using the system are: tracking the cases of wild and domestic bird influenza, serological monitoring of bird influenza, monitoring the cases of Newcastle disease of domestic birds, monitoring the animal rabies in Ukraine, spatial analysis of risk of disease expansion in the area.

By request of the organization on construction production certification we have developed the automated system “The Institution of Accordance Confirmation”, which is created to carry out work on the enterprise as to the estimation of the accordance of production and systems of the production quality management, taking into consideration the principles of the own quality management system.

Since 2007, the company performs developing the informational system of decision making support by the institutions of local government “GRIS-Municipality”, which combines the functions of municipal actives account and analytical spatial component. We and our partners from the Ukrainian municipalities assist to development of the municipal system towards the step-by-step joining of all the local, state and municipal subdivisions to the geoinformation system with the aim of efficiency and rise of level of decision making on the municipal activity management and providing access to full, timely and truthful information to the population with the Web-technologies. Geoinformation technologies use to create the integrated environment for data received from different subdivisions in this system.